• Polyester based drawing foil realized in 3 different models:
   o SL11 one side matt
   o DL11 matt both sides
   o JPD InkJet printable
• Translucent by 20-25%
• The film is shatterproof, solvent and heat resistant, and can be used with confidence with plotters
• Dimensionally stable
• Customised widths available upon request

Part No.DescriptionThicknessWidthLength
20605One side matt SL110.03 inches900 mm30 m
20606One side matt SL110.03 inches1000 mm30 m
20607One side matt SL110.03 inches1200 mm30 m
20624One side matt SL110.03 inches1300 mm30 m
20607COne side matt SL110.03 inches1200 mm120 m
20610COne side matt SL110.03 inches1350 mm120 m
20611One side matt SL110.05 inches1000 mm30 m
20612One side matt SL110.05 inches1200 mm30 m
20601BMatt both sides DL110.02 inches900 mm30 m
20631Matt both sides DL110.02 inches1200 mm30 m
20602BMatt both sides DL110.02 inches1350 mm30 m
20608AMatt both sides DL110.03 inches750 mm30 m
20632Matt both sides DL110.03 inches1000 mm30 m
20603Matt both sides DL110.03 inches1200 mm30 m
20602BMatt both sides DL110.03 inches1350 mm30 m
20621InkJet, matt both sides0.03 inches 914 mm30 m
20621AInkJet, matt both sides0.03 inches 1067 mm30 m

Thickness 0.04” is also available