• An easy and effective way of accomplishing reverse scores with soft anvil rotary dies creates a score that fold in either direction.
• Primarily developed to eliminate the use of perforating where 180° folds are required for auto gluing machines.
• Great for applications where crease must fold and unfold multiple times on collapsible boxes.
• This patent pending product requires less force to hold, and fold down flaps during gluing operations, thereby improving gluer performance.

Part No.DescriptionGap / HeightLength
1143.0020.4110Reverse score 4/11 - blue4 / 11,0 mm152 mm
1143.0020.6105Reverse score 6/10 - green6 / 10,5 mm152 mm
1143.0020.8101Reverse score 8/10 - red8 / 10,1 mm152 mm
1143.0020.9101Reverse score 9/10 - orange9 / 10,1 mm152 mm