•  Specifically designed to reduce the problems encountered when creasing recycled and short fibre boards.
  • Impressions exceeding 1.5 million
  • UV resistant
  • High resistance to heat
  • Unique rollover profile reduces nicking and delamination
  • Approved for direct food contact
  •  70 Shore
Part No.HeightColourQty
RUG5MM5.0 mmYellow60 m/box
RUG6MM6.0 mmorange60 m/box
RUG6.5MM6.5 mmBlack60 m/box
RUG7MM7.0 mmBlue60 m/box
RUG7.5MM7.5 mmViolet60 m/box
RUG8MM8.0 mmGreen60 m/box
RUG8.5MM8.5 mmRed60 m/box
RUG9MM9.0 mmGrey30 m/box
RUG9.5MM9.5 mmBrown30 m/box
RUG10MM10.0 mmCloud30 m/box
RUG10.5MM10.5 mmBuff30 m/box
RUG11MM11.0 mmPink30 m/box