• Perfect for small and tight ejection areas
• Impressions exceeding 1.5 million
• UV resistant
• High resistance to heat
• 70 Shore
• Unique narrow profile reduces nicking and delamination
• Approved for direct food contact

Part No.W x HQty
RUSLOTS7X11.0 X 7.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS7X22.0 X 7.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS7X33.0 X 7.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS7X44.0 X 7.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS7X55.0 X 7.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS10X11.0 X 10.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS10X22.0 X 10.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS10X33.0 X 10.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS10X44.0 X 10.0 mm20 m/box
RUSLOTS10X55.0 X 10.0 mm20 m/box
sprint slot rubba